Ask shawn for October 13, 2023

Ask Shawn is a weekly, tarot-driven advice column written by Shawn Adair. If you’d like to ask Shawn a question, or get his advice about a situation, please get in touch here.

The Weekend Outlook

Here’s the weekend outlook for October 13, 14, and 15.

Four of Cups (reversed), The Devil, The Emperor (reversed)

Friday (Four of Cups-reversed): Your mind is on something you want and you can’t see all the good things you already have. The card is reversed taking on a different meaning. Consider the good things you already have, and weigh them before making a very rash decision today, you will have to live with the consequences, so look at all the options before taking any action.

Saturday (The Devil): Time to address your demons metaphorically. Your life, in part, is made up of decisions you make, some of those decisions come from a place of fear perhaps, and it is time to face the cause of those decisions. When we look at the monster, we can analyze it and get a better understanding of its parts. When we do so, it can lose much of its ugliness, and it becomes something less frightening, something we can deal with, and possibly overcome.

Sunday (The Emperor-reversed): A masculine card, renowned for a desire to win at a straight up competition with winners and losers. The reverse of the card indicates that you seek glory without regard for others, and are willing to throw people under the bus in order to win, whether they’re on your side or not. If you don’t mind this cutthroat approach, then have at it, and may the best person win.

That is the weekend outlook. This particular collection of predictions kind of makes me want to stay in bed, and wait it out until Monday. Good luck out there, and may you get through these obstacles with most of your limbs intact.

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