Ask Shawn for October 6, 2023

Hello dear reader, My name is Shawn Adair, and I had no questions sent to me this week, and so I will move on to the weekend outlook. If you’d like to ask a question or get my advice about a situation, please get in touch here.

The Weekend Outlook

This covers Friday, Saturday and Sunday. My process for doing this divination will be to ask the question on how the weekend will play out, shuffle the deck, and draw three cards from the top, each card laid out from left to right, the first card being Friday, then Saturday, and finally Sunday as the last card.

The Queen of Coins, the High Priestess reversed, and the Sun.

Friday’s draw is the Queen of Coins.

She is seen as sensible, down to earth, hardworking, and philanthropic.

My interpretation for Friday, using this card, is to possibly invest or save some of your money, but in a way that won’t jeopardize your current financial situation. It can be hard to put away any amount of money these days, but even a little bit might make the difference for something later on. I take the sight of the Queen of Coins as a reassurance that money saved or invested today will reward in the long term.

Saturday’s draw is the High Priestess, but reversed.

A card normally represented by female intuition or intuition in general about the spiritual things in life, the reverse can mean misguided enthusiasm in pursuit of love or pleasure, that may lead to problems that follow you afterwards. If you had been considering blowing of steam by venturing out to the bars or gambling your money for fun, it would probably be best to be cautious and stay home for the evening. Find love and fun another night.

Sunday’s draw is the Sun.

The Sun on a Sunday, sounds pretty good to me. A good day for prosperity in general both economic and spiritual. Make sure to put some aside though for a rainy day, because the rain always follows a nice sunny day. Make the most of today, as it appears luck is in your favor.

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