Astrology is about much more than horoscopes, but we think they can still be fun and informative. The horoscopes we offer here at Adair & Clough are based on a fairly straightforward principle: we assume that your Sun sign and your rising sign are the same. By doing this, and then using the whole sign house system, we can provide a general “astrological weather report” for the week. We also discuss significant astrological events and how they might affect everyone.

Because we use this approach, you may find it more helpful to read the horoscope for your rising sign. If you’re not sure of your rising sign, you can use a website such as Astro.com to generate your chart for free. The sign where you find your Ascendant? That’s your rising sign.

Free, online tools and horoscopes are no substitute for a complete interpretation of your chart and transits, but in theory they should give you a good sense of the overall “vibe” you’ll experience for the week. If nothing else, we hope they’re fun to read!

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