Adair & Clough’s Curiosities Podcast – Trailer

Announcing Adair & Clough’s Curiosities Podcast! Listen to our super-professional trailer below. The first episode lands on Wednesday, October 11th. You can subscribe to the podcast through Acast, or wherever you get your podcasts usually–once the hamsters have finished chewing on everything, that is.

Weird is relative. What might seem strange or unusual to one person is another person’s Thursday night. The world is full of ideas, old and new, which are often overlooked–or looked down upon–by most people.

On “Adair & Clough’s Curiosities Podcast” your hosts–Shawn Adair and Jeff Clough–take up some of these ideas, experiment with them, experience them for themselves, and share those experiences with their listeners.

Join Shawn and Jeff as they explore history, magic, and all things “weird,” in a quest to find a more interesting way to live.

If you’ve got a “weird” or supernatural story you’d like to share with us, or if you’d like to ask us a question about the podcast or the topics we’re covering, please send them to us!

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