Horoscope for the week of November 13, 2023

This week the Moon waxes through the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Expect to make good progress on projects or tasks related to the areas of your life ruled by those signs. Beyond this, no other planets are changing signs this week, but not all will be quiet on the “space weather” front. That’s because on Friday, we get a Mars cazimi!

Astrological chart for the week of November 13, 2023.

A “cazimi” occurs when a planet is in exact conjunction with the Sun. When this happens, the planet is said to be incredibly active and able to express its significations with extreme ease and power. Given that Mars is in one of its signs of rulership or “domicile,” this means we should all expect Martial energy to be significantly magnified.

Mars sometimes gets a bad rap, especially in traditional astrological circles. It’s called the “Lesser Malefic” in many astrological texts, and while this is for good reason, it’s not the whole story.

Whether a planet is considered naturally malefic or benefic isn’t because some planets are more or less “good” or “bad” than others. Rather, it comes down to how conductive the significations of the planets are to growth and life. Remember, astrology was developed by largely agrarian societies, so people usually saw hard winters and stifling-hot summers to be…less than ideal.

Mars signifies extreme heat, action, energy, conflict, separations, and even violence. The keyword here is “extreme.” Sometimes having a lot of energy is a good thing, just as it’s sometimes in everyone’s best interests for things to end or be cut off.

The really good news here is that since Mars is very happy in Scorpio–and somewhat “cooled” by that sign’s watery nature–we can expect this planet to act out its more positive and constructive significations. (In traditional Astrology, Mars rules the signs of both Aries and Scorpio.)

What does that mean for us? It means that if we’re ready to act, we probably have enough energy, drive, and passion to get things done.

That doesn’t sound so bad, now, does it?

Below, you’ll find your horoscope listed by sign. As always, you can use your Sun sign for this, but your rising sign usually works out better for these sorts of things. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can use Astro.com to create a chart and figure it out. Hint: it’s the sign where you find your “Ascendant.”


Expect to be busy and filled with energy this week, particularly once Friday rolls around. Relationships, finances, and personal growth are all likely to demand your attention, and efforts spent on these topics should pay significant dividends. Communicating in an objective and “even-tempered” manner will probably be a bit harder than usual, but relating with others on an emotional level should come easily. Just be careful to not get into any arguments, and try to avoid conflict where you can.


Relationships will be sharply in focus this week, with Friday being an especially active day. If you’re in a long-term relationship, make plans for some quality time with your partner. Otherwise, getting out with casual friends and coworkers will probably lead to a good time. Health and activities related to personal growth are also highlighted. It’s a good time to make progress on physical fitness goals and to take care of yourself.


Expect a lot of tension between fun and games and your long-term hopes and dreams for the future. This tension isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll have to balance an abundance of energy and enthusiasm between these areas of your life. There’s a time for pleasure, and there’s a time for persistence. If you can find a happy medium, this should be an excellent week for you. A word of caution, though? Listen to your body and don’t overdo things. An injury or illness could sideline you if you’re not taking care of yourself.


Long-term plans should be continuing to ripen this week, especially those that relate to your home, family, or property. That said, there’s a lot of fun in the air! This is a really good week to take Friday off to do something creative, or even to just blow off steam and have fun. A family game night or a get-together with close friends at home could be excellent ideas.


Situations and events surrounding your work or career should be going reasonably well for you this week, especially if you can connect with colleagues at a more emotional level, or otherwise in a way which respects everyone’s feelings. At home, expect a burst of activity, particularly on Friday. Whether this is a “good” thing or not is going to depend partly on your perspective, and partly on your reactions. If you can channel that energy into something positive, everything should be fine. It’s also a good time for learning, “upskilling,” or embracing your spiritual side.


You might be feeling a bit adrift, but this is a good time for talking through your feelings with others, learning new things, or engaging in spiritual pursuits. Sometimes “getting in touch with others” means connecting more deeply with the unexplored aspects of yourself. This is also a good time to take inventory of your personal resources. This includes your finances, but really the questions to sit with are more about what you value and how you relate to “wealth” in the broadest sense.


Put your relationships with others at center stage this week. If you’re in a long-term relationship, make plans for a “date night” or other connection on Friday. It’s also a good week to take care of yourself, and keep an eye on your resources–emotional and financial. “Feel good,” is a worthy motto for the week.


You’re probably going to have a lot going on this week, so keeping track of everything is likely to be your biggest challenge. Make your lists, check them twice, and get ready to put out more than your fair share of “fires.” The good news is that you should be pumped, primed, and full of energy, so you should be able to tackle any issues head on. On Friday, this energy might manifest itself in an intense workout, but be careful! An injury could set you back big time.


Everyone hits roadblocks sometimes. These can be frustrations or barriers set by others, but they can also be obstructions we erect ourselves. There may be an opportunity to remove some limitations later in the week, especially on Friday. Otherwise, exercise patience, and look for all the “little things” you can do to make process toward the future.


This should be another fantastic week to get things done and make definite progress toward your goals and highest aspirations. Energy, creativity, and a solid plan should all be working in your favor. That said, be careful to stick to your plans, maintain your discipline, and don’t let mole hills grow into mountains. Your biggest risk right now is getting in your own way.


Matters related to your work or education should take up most of your time and attention this week. You can get a lot done if you focus on what’s important and don’t let yourself get distracted. Definitely give yourself some time off to relax at home, read a good book, or maybe even take a short trip–just don’t drop the ball.


This is a good week for inward reflection, being in the moment, and expanding your skill set. If an opportunity to share your feelings with loved ones presents itself, go for it, but favor emotional connections over rational discussion. You may have a good chance to gain some extra income or resources from the skills or knowledge you possess, but avoid overspending or indulging yourself too much.

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