Horoscope for the week of October 16, 2023

This week, the Moon waxes through the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Under normal circumstances, the waxing Moon is a good time to get things started, but since we just had an eclipse last week…nah. Use this time to work on existing projects you already have on your to-do list, especially projects associated with the houses where those signs fall in your chart.

Astrological chart for the week of October 16, 2023.

On Friday, though, we get a Mercury cazimi!

What’s that, you ask?

According to the Western astrological tradition, when a planet gets close to the Sun (when it’s within about seventeen degrees), it begins to have its energies and expression overwhelmed and blotted out. When it gets very close to the Sun (within about eight degrees), the planet is extremely debilitated and hardly able to express itself at all.

However, when the planet gets right on top of the Sun (within about seventeen minutes of the exact conjunction) something altogether different happens. The planet becomes incredibly empowered and able to act exceptionally well.

If you think of the Sun as the King of the Planets, this would be rather like the King elevating the planet in his court for all to see, and telling it: “Your wish is my command!”

What does this mean for us? It means Mercury is super-charged and ready to act. Communication, commerce, travel–all the usual things which we associate with Mercury should flow quite easily, as should anything connected with the areas of your life which Mercury rules over in your chart (wherever the signs of Gemini and Virgo happen to be for you).

This weekend, Mercury leaves the sign of Libra and enters Scorpio, where it will soon hook up with Mars, but that’s a topic for next week.

Below, you’ll find your horoscope listed by sign. As always, you can use your Sun sign for this, but your rising sign usually works out better for these sorts of things. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can use Astro.com to create a chart and figure it out. Hint: it’s the sign where you find your “Ascendant.”


Worries about debt or the home-front might occupy your thoughts, especially early in the week, but your anxieties are probably misplaced. Take some time out to relax, breathe, and maybe even do a little meditation. If you’re in a long-term relationship, spend some time with your partner, particularly if they’re feeling under the weather. Otherwise, look for an opportunity to get out for some fun and games with casual friends or coworkers. You could use a break.


Passionate romantic encounters are this week’s special, if you’re into that sort of thing. Either way, the stars are right for some serious fun and excitement, whether that means partying hard or throwing yourself into a creative or artistic project. A collaborative effort along these lines could turn out particularly well, so long as you’re working with people who have passions which are aligned with yours.


If you’ve had a dream or a goal in your sights for a while, this is a good time to make progress toward it. Break the big steps down into small ones and spend a little time each day checking things off your list. Your ability to handle the minutiae and “daily drudgery” required to achieve your goals is definitely up to the challenge. A creative solution or burst of inspiration could hit you late in the week, so be ready to put plans in motion.


Staying focused and avoiding distractions are going to be your biggest challenges this week. Daydreaming, gossiping with friends, or blowing off your responsibilities to have fun–it’s all on the table, and it’s all best avoided. Set a simple schedule, give yourself plenty of time for both work and fun, then stick to it. No dessert until you’ve finished your dinner.


This is a good week to focus on your home and family. Get the yard cleaned out, wash your winter clothes, rearrange the furniture–whatever you’ve been putting off, throw yourself into it. Take a break around mid-week to have some fun, but be ready to act late in the week if inspiration strikes you.


Clear away all of the distractions you can early in the week so you can be ready to take full advantage of the Mercury cazimi on Friday. Any efforts spent on your career, self-improvement, and communication should pay incredible dividends. Avoid confrontations and arguments if you can, and pour any excess energy or anxiety into the task at hand.


Money and relationships will probably remain front-and-center for you this week. Don’t make any rash decisions, but make sure you’ve set a reasonable budget and clear boundaries. Friday is an excellent time to take a break, especially if it involves either learning something new, engaging with your spiritual side, or even taking a trip. Just keep an eye on your wallet.


For most people, starting something new this week is probably not the best idea. For you? This a great week to either start a fitness routine and diet, or else revisit the one you’re already on. Giving up unhealthy habits, exercising daily, and eating nutritious food are things we should all be doing anyway. This week is a wonderful time for you to start. Friday, especially, could bring you some much-needed clarity over those habits or limitations which have been holding you back.


If you followed my advice last week and took a break, you should be fully refreshed and ready to seize upon new opportunities this week. Flashes of insight and brilliant ideas which come out of nowhere have a very good chance of landing on Friday, especially when it comes to your career and your aspirations. If you’re willing and able to work hard this weekend, almost anything could be possible.


If work has been an endless source of frustration for you, things should finally be settling down. A clever idea or well-timed conversation should see the end of those difficulties, at least until the next crisis comes up. It’s an excellent week to work toward your long-term goals and hopes for the future. If you can connect with a partner early in the week to go over your plans, so much the better. If money is tight right now, don’t stress out, but maybe forego that night on the town in favor of a fun night at home with friends.


This week has all of the potential to make you a rock star at your workplace, or otherwise further your career in a big way. Network with others, work through creative solutions to lingering problems, and get ready to cash in on that Mercury cazmi Friday. The special skills or knowledge you’ve picked up in your life might be surprisingly relevant to what’s going on, so when I say look for the creative solution, I mean it. Just don’t be surprised if you have to work through the weekend to pull it off.


If you’ve been thinking serious thoughts about a long-term relationship lately, this could be the week where things come to a head. Emotions might be running high, but you have all of the tools and information you need to make a decision and follow through with it. This is also a good week to think about your future education, your spiritual path, or adventures you’d like to go on. Don’t pull the trigger, just yet, but set aside some time to really go over your options, particularly how your personal finances will play into things.

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