Horoscope for the week of October 30, 2023

Happy Halloween!

Astrological chart for the week of October 30, 2023.

This week the Moon wanes through the signs of Gemini, Cancer, and Leo. It’s a good time for letting go or otherwise clearing away things related to the houses in your chart ruled by those signs.

“Eclipse season” is safely behind us, so we shouldn’t be seeing too many unexpected disruptions for a while. Still, try to use this week more for saying “out with the old” rather than “in with the new.”

Beyond this, the space weather is much the same as it was last week. No planets are changing signs, but that still leaves us with the “Scorpio pile-up” which might be bringing its own frenetic energy to the party.

Below, you’ll find your horoscope listed by sign. As always, you can use your Sun sign for this, but your rising sign usually works out better for these sorts of things. If you don’t know your rising sign, you can use Astro.com to create a chart and figure it out. Hint: it’s the sign where you find your “Ascendant.”


If debt is on your mind, getting your financial house in order should be at the top of your list this week, if it’s not already. Reach out for help if you need it, and try not to let worries or anxieties get the better of you. If you’ve been experiencing tension in a long-term relationship, it’ll probably ease up toward the end of this week and into the next one. Try to plan a “date night” if it’s been a while, but go for more of an intimate affair than a lavish night on the town.


If the good times are rolling, let them roll. There might be some blips and boops on the relationship front this week, but that energy can easily be channeled into fun, games, and passion. Don’t exhaust yourself, though. Next week it’ll be back to the grind.


A disciplined approach to your daily routine is still the order of the week. Look at every little thing you have to do in the context of how it relates to your overall goals and vision for life. Don’t overdo it, take plenty of breaks when you need to, but keep your focus on your to-do list. There will be plenty of time for fun distractions next week.


Fun, excitement, and creative endeavors are all distinct possibilities for you this week. A long-term relationship could be especially highlighted for you. If so, then add your partner to your…”to-do” list. It might be hard for you to focus on career matters, unless your work involves entertainment or being especially creative. If you do work in a creative field, though, expect to totally rock this week.


This week, your attention may be divided between concerns about the home, and thoughts about distant lands or far-away journeys. This could be as metaphorical as staying in and reading or watching epic fantasy, or as literal as having to indulge family commitments while also preparing for a trip. Try to remain flexible, and not frustrated. If the pace of activity is getting too much to keep track of everything, break down your to-do list into manageable pieces and set a realistic schedule. You should have more than enough energy and drive to get things done, so long as you can keep yourself from burning out.


Meetings, negotiations, and other kinds of communication will continue to remain in sharp focus this week, with workplace matters being especially prominent Monday and Tuesday. If you keep careful track of your messages, and set reminders as needed, you shouldn’t have any trouble staying on top of things. If you have to make a big “pitch” for an idea, be careful to solicit opinions from trusted colleagues before presenting things to the “Big Wigs.” You might have overlooked something.


If money has been a source of considerable stress lately, share your thoughts with a partner or close friend. They may be able to help, even if it’s just by listening. This is especially true if a workplace or career issue has been eating at you. It’s not a good time to make any long-term plans or big changes, but it’s never a bad time to take inventory. If you’re in a long-term, stable relationship, get together with your partner for some quality time.


“Go, go, go” is the phrase of the week. Everything from your daily routine to your long-term career goals are energetically-primed for your attention. If you can find a comfortable pace, and don’t overwork yourself, you can get a lot done. This is a good thing because it’s likely that there’s a lot to be done. Expect one thing after another to crop up and demand your attention. Patience, planning, and persistence can see you through any challenges you face.


This week might feel like a grind, but it won’t be a total loss. Don’t worry if you can’t see the big picture, yet. Just focus on the little things, stick to your routine, and do one thing at a time before even thinking about the next item on your list. Take each day as it comes, and try to spend your off time decompressing in healthy, fun, and creative ways. If you can strike the right balance between daily-drudgery and blowing off steam, you should make it through the week unscathed.


It’s almost “go time.” Resistance and inertia should start to let up this week, and matters relating to your long-term goals and ambitions should be coming together. If you can get yourself into a place to capitalize on opportunities, you’re about to see a lot of them. Make sure all is well on the home-front, carefully evaluate your next steps, and get ready to take the plunge.


Big energy and opportunities surround career or workplace matters this week. How that energy manifests (and what you can do with it) will depend on where you’re at and where you want to be. If you’re happy with your vocation, it’s time to throw yourself into it full steam. If you aren’t, it’s time to make a change. Either way, good things happen for those who can seize the day.


This is an excellent time for learning something new, reflecting on knowledge you already possess, or expanding your world. This could mean enrolling in a course, or taking up a new hobby. It could mean getting lost in a book, or taking a trip to a distant land. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself focused more on matters of a spiritual or “higher” nature, rather than on purely “mundane” affairs. Definitely attend to your daily tasks and obligations, but give your mind and soul a chance to breathe deeply.

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